Thursday, 24 September 2015

String trimmer review

Everyone desires their gardens to be beautiful and blooming with flowers and not with weed so here come the work of the string trimmer to get your garden look beautiful. So if you love your garden and want to decorate it with your own art of decoration, these lite portable lawn trimmers or the string trimmers would be a lot of help to you. These trimmers are not like the big lawn mowers but portable mowing devices which would help to keep your lawn clean and trimmed.  So over here I would be telling you about the best string trimmers available in market. So let us go to the review.

Best string trimmers

1)      Black & Decker GH900 String Trimmer and Edger for Lawn Care
This trimmer is one of the most famous trimmers available in the market. This trimmer drives on a six and a half ampere motor so it becomes easy to complete even the toughest of all cutting jobs.  The Black & Decker GH900 14-Inch String Trimmer and Edger, 6.5 Amp comes with “Power Drive” which helps the trimmer to cut down the highest grass with the minimum effort possible. The trimmer was built with an “auto-feeding” solution so there is no need to stop working for a new string and since this model is two in one it would help the user to quickly change from trimming to edge cutting. There is a disc, which would allow cutting the grass without any hassle. And there is also a 13 inch cutting path which really uncommon among other trimmers. So this is one of the best trimmers available in the market.

2)      Maruyama String Trimmer BC2321C

This is the quietest of its kind and is powerful, easy to use and durable. This trimmer have a two stroke engine which is noise free and weighs a little over 11 pounds. Maruyama String Trimmer BC2321C is also no vibrating so it is easy to work with it for a longer time without getting fatigued. There is a cutting edge feature of a curved blade that is designed to cut through weeds and underbrush on large properties may be commercial as well as residential. It is very easy to change and can be replaced. The trimmer head does need to be removed all the time for replacing the cutting line. And except all this a protective guard can also be added to protect your feet from getting hurt. So if you want something safe pollution free and sound free then this is the one that you are searching for.

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