Thursday, 17 September 2015

Weed eater reviews- Two great models to look into

No one wants their gardens to look shabby or for that matter un-orderly. These over grown strays of grass or weed can really degrade the look of gardens or lawns. Fortunately for people, there are numerous devices which one use for managing their lawns and gardens effectively and in very less time. These units are referred to as weed eaters. These weed trimmers have super sharp blades which help slice even the thickest patches of grass or weed and make gardens look neat and maintained. But with so many to look into, one might just have some problems selecting the good ones. So to help them out with these search here are some of the best weed eater devices which one can look into.
The two best weed eater units to go for:
Green Works Corded String Trimmer
This is a very popular model which many people are purchasing from both the genres of the market. This device incorporates a 4 year warranty and has a handle which rotates about 180 degree making is extremely ideal for trimming overgrown grass from sidewalks or drive ways. The blades are super sharp and have the ability to cut through thick weed or grass patches without any problems and its integrated cord lock ensures that there is an uninterrupted supply of water to the power cord. Though this device takes some time to charge up, but once done, this baby is simple one cool grass slicing machine. It can generate about 4 amps of power and is also quite as compared to some of the other models in the market. Another cool thing about this weed cutter is that there is no maintenance needed for this unit and that it is extremely easy to handle.

Black & Decker LST136W 13-Inch Lithium Ion Cordless High Performance String Trimmer

The second in our list is this Black and Decker weed eater. This is a company which needs no introduction and has manufactured durable and work efficient machines of all shapes and for all sorts of fields. This weed eater comprises of an automatic feed spool system which uses a centrifugal force to dispense the line when it is needed. Its auxiliary handles enable great control and extremely sharp blades to go through the thickest of weed or grass! The cutting blades are about 13 inches and the handling is also quite easy and convenient even for people who have back pain or other such similar aches. Its 40 V lithium battery provides an ample supply of power to the machine. Plus it is also quite light in weight and portable making one use it on any portion of the garden they want to.
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